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The IPTV-UK box is the ultimate in entertainment equipment

200+ Channels to your TV available

Also available is access to our VIDEO CLUB ON DEMAND which has over 1500 of the latest & up to date movies which are regularly updated. Our overall package is far cheaper & superior to anything offered by any of our competitors


International packages available 


What is IPTV?

Technically IPTV means Internet Protocol Television, all it actually means is that you can now receive live UK & Irish television channels through your internet connection without using a satellite dish, television aerial or computer. The iptv-uk box connects straight to your television meaning no connecting cables from your computer to your TV the iptv-uk box works using a remote control just like a normal satellite or cable receiver.

What You Don't Need
A Computer
A Satellite Dish
A Monthly Subscription
What You Get
200+ Channels
Works Worldwide
High Quality Pictures
Customer Helpline
What You Need
3.5MB Internet


The virtual keyboard for web browsing gives you unbeatable interactivity that allows you to surf the Internet easily. Through the full browsing functionality, you can freely access any kind of information that you want to search without any limitation just like a PC.

Award-winning, studio approved secure multi-screen content delivery from Secure Media with built in Map player, access to You Tube & the ability to organize, edit & share your photos with Picasa.

Full 14 day electronic programme guide (EPG)

Only 300 euros including Set Top Box & 1st 12 months viewing or 400 euros for the pro package


12 month renewal only 175 euros on the basic package


or 250 euros renewal for the pro package which includes 7 day Catch-up, over 250 box sets, HD channels, Adult channels & access to Video Club with around 1500 films


IPTV SystemIPTV Box (Front)IPTV Remote controlIPTV Box (Back)





Easy Self Installation

1. Put the batteries into the remote control

2. Put the power cable into the IPTV WiFi receiver

3. Connect the IPTV WiFi receiver to your WiFi Router
(or follow instructions 4 & 5)

4. Plug the Ethernet cable into your internet router

5. Plug the other end of the cable into the IPTV WiFi receiver

6. Connect the HDMI from the IPTV WiFi receiver to your TV

7. Switch on the IPTV WiFi receiver and your TV

8. That's It!! :)

Connecting a Wifi dongle to an IPTV set top box

Plug in the power lead & HDMI1 or composite lead & then the wifi dongle in the USB port at the back of the box.

A message saying Page loading error menu will appear.

1) Press the blue service menu button F4

2) System settings menu - select Network

3) Network configuration - Scroll down to wireless Wifi & press OK

4) Network configuration wireless - stay on auto (DHCP) & press OK

5) Wireless group selection - press down button to go to scan & press OK

6) Select wifi group - your router & press Ok

7) Keys & encoding set-up - scroll down to key/pass phrase

8) Press KB button on the remote control which is above the colour buttons on the right

9) Now enter the password for your wireless router

10) Press KB button to remove keyboard & scroll down to OK & select - you will return to system settings

11) Press the red button F1 to connect

12) If not connecting, pull out the power lead & put it back in to load the portal