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Please click here for instructions if you have a standard Sky box (not HD)

Please note that after a power cut these instructions may also be needed.

First try step 1, if this fails carry out step 2

If this also fails try, 2 or 3 times more then contact Crystal Clear Satellite TV

Step 1

Disconnect the digibox from the power supply and re-connect after 30 seconds.

With the red standby light on, wait a full 5 minutes.

Press the blue button marked "sky", you should now have the sky welcome channel and can now watch all available channels

Step 2

To re-set the frequency, please carry out the following procedure

On your sky remote control


Press 4 (system setup) then SELECT

Press 0 then 1 and SELECT

The top line on the screen should now read INSTALLER SETUP

Press 2 (default transponder)

Using the number keys change the frequency setting to 12.207

Move down one line using the green arrow below the select button and change the polarization to V using the right green button next to the select button

The Symbol rate (Mbaud) setting should read 27.5

The FEC setting should read 2/3

Again using the down arrow move to SAVE NEW SETTINGS & press SELECT

The screen should now be showing the INSTALLER SETUP menu

Then press no 5

The screen should now be showing MANUAL TUNING

Using the down arrow move to FIND CHANNELS & press SELECT

The lock indicator should say OK

Press SELECT 3 more times then BACK UP 4 times to return to television

If these procedures fail please try again. If you still have no picture, contact us for advice.