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Satellite Systems

The size of dish you need to receive BBC, ITV, Ch4, Ch5 & Sky on the Costa Blanca will depend on the signal in your area. At Crystal Clear Satellite & Internet Television we can install satellite dishes from 0.8 to 3.1 metres.

Have you already had your fingers burnt by having a Microwave or Re-broadcasting system installed? Well don't get them burnt again by having the wrong satellite dish installed.

There are several manufacturers of dishes on the market throughout the Costa Blanca, two from Portugal, one from Spain & one from Turkey. Famaval, the largest manufacturer of quality satellite dishes in Europe supply dish sizes up to 3.1m  Famaval have utilizes more of the reflective area of the dish which vastly increases the overall gain, giving a similar performance of a much larger dish.

If you are thinking of having a satellite dish installed, it is important to know the difference between a High gain dish & a standard dish so the manufacturers, Famaval have had a small Trademark Logo printed (Famaval Hi gain) on all their dishes.

We use these Portuguese dishes in our high quality installations & have a wealth of experience fitting digital satellite systems on the Costa Blanca as well as in the UK so you can be reassured that we have the right skills to fully assess & find the right solution for your needs.

Systems available

  • Terrestrial Spanish Digital Television
  • European Free To Air: Astral 1 & Hotbird
  • Sky Digital Television: Astral 2 & Eurobird
  • Sky Free To Air: Astral 1 & 2
  • Multi-choice System, Astral 2 & BADR C
  • British Terrestrial Digital: Astral 2 and Eurobird

Watch television in another room in your home with a wireless video sender!

Main Features

  • Watch Digital TV in a different room to your digital receiver
  • Play a DVD or Video down stairs & watch it upstairs
  • Four selectable channels & Auto Scan (Dip Switch)
  • Range reaches up to 300 feet
  • Attractive compact size with streamlined shape design

Many authorised viewing cards available